ipywidgets for Education! Using Jupyter tools to make Math Visualization applets for the classroom


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Jupyter as open-source educational technology can deliver powerful visual learning experiences to school students. Yet awareness & adoption is limited. In this talk aimed at Math literate educators or widget enthusiasts, example visualization applets for enabling students to more effectively explore selected Math concepts will be live-coded. The audience will takeaway ideas for their own use-cases


Chiin-Rui Tan

A previous UK Entrepreneur winner at the Data Leaders Awards, Chiin is a technologist with 13 years’ experience pioneering data innovation, skunk works, and building teams, delivering multi-million pound value across industry, government, and open-source sectors. An Economics graduate from Cambridge University, Chiin taught herself to code later in her twenties, going on to become the first Data Scientist at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office as the Head of Data Science under Cyber & National Security. She singlehandedly wrote the code for this government department’s first AI project and OSINT capabilities that she got MP and senior adoption of. She also sat on UK civil service recruitment panels for No.10-Prime Minister’s Office as the technical specialist interviewer.

Now the founder of Rho Zeta AI, a new EdTech startup, Chiin and her team innovate unique computing education products for top schools in London, already achieving a range of exceptional tech literacy outcomes for both students and teachers.

An open-source community leader, Chiin founded the AI Club for Gender Minorities, an 800-member meetup of mainly ML, Data Science, and Data Engineering Pythonistas, where she also regularly mentors individuals without formal STEM experience into their first tech job. An original founding member of R-Ladies Global, she was previously jointly awarded a Linux Foundation grant in 2016.