Turn your notebook into a LaTeX-article with TexBook

Short talk

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Have you ever fancied writing your Lecture notes or tutorials into Jupyter notebooks that are beautifully typeset like a LaTeX-generated article? In this talk I will present TexBook, a pip-installable/pluggable/customisable Jupyter Notebook theme I developed in my spare time during the lockdown. The theme features a full-fledged CSS theme, and an extension for Google Colaboratory notebooks.


Valerio Maggio

Valerio received his PhD in Computational Science by University of Naples “Federico II”, working on the definition of unsupervised machine learning methods to support Program Comprehension and Software Maintenance. Since then, his research and professional interests are focused on combining Software Engineering principles into the Data Science practice. Valerio is currently appointed as Senior Research Associate at the University of Bristol, working on methods and software tools for Reproducible Machine learning in healthcare. Valerio is also a member of the Azure CRSE (Cloud Research Software Engineer) team as part of the Microsoft initiative for Higher Education and Research, and active member of the Python community (PyCon Italy, PyData, EuroScipy).