Enquiry-Based Learning for Science and Engineering utilizing Bokeh

Short talk

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Computational modules are valuable pedagogical tools to teach complex engineering concepts via enquiry-based learning (EBL). In this context, we have developed interactive online visualization-based python modules to explain science and engineering concepts through common chemical engineering applications. All these modules can be accessed at this website: https://srrweb.cc.lehigh.edu/app/.


Raghuram Thiagarajan

Experienced from data collection to predictive model development, and validation till model production stage. Utilize visualization for validation, communication and analysis of all parts of the pipeline.

Developed numerical models and experiments to study systems tackling vehicle handling simulations, polymeric systems and biological systems. Involved in tire engineering for racing teams which won championships nationally and contributed to significant improvement in testing procedure for an OEM. Designed, developed and implemented hardware and software side of a shoe box size scanner. Significantly reduced decision making time with the use of interactive visualization for engineers. Founding member of miLEAD a business consulting group for high tech start ups. Passionate about research, data visualization/analytics and best practices.

Anna Moragne

Anna Moragne is a Senior at Lehigh University studying Statistics and Computer Science. She works on incorporating Bokeh Visualization tools into STEM Learning as part of initiatives at Lehigh University. She enjoys coding and contributing to an impactful project for her peers in Science, Engineering, and Environmental Conservation / Sustainable Development efforts.

Brian Lucas

Brian Lucas is a chemical engineering student at Lehigh University. His interest in science was sparked in his first high school chemistry class. Combining visual design and STEM teaching is a passion of his and pursued as part of Mountaintop Initiative at Lehigh. He joined the project because of his interest in visual design, as it pertains to the practice of engineering.

Srinivas Rangarajan

I am an Assitant Professor at the Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering at Lehigh University, Bethlehem PA. My research is in the use of advanced computational techniques, including quantum chemistry and machine learning, to study chemical reaction systems for conversion of new sources of carbon such as shale gas, biomass, and CO2 to energy carriers and chemicals.