What cyber security can teach us about COVID-19 testing


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By using 10–20% of the testing capacity for Covid19 governments can learn about the virus spread in the population and act accordingly even while the testing capacity is still being built. This solution comes from a famous statistics problem, Multi-Armed Bandits.


Hagit Grushka - Cohen

Hagit Grushka-Cohen is a PhD student at Ben-Gurion University, the department of software and information systems, under the supervision of prof. Lior Rokach and prof. Bracha Shapira. Her PhD topic at applied Machine Learning in the domain of cyber security. Hagit won the prestigious IBM fellowship award for her work on risk assessment and working towards automatic policy calibration twice. During her PhD Hagit collaborated with IBM Guardium and IBM, IBM Cyber Center of Excellence which led to several ML papers (including CIKM and PAKDD). Prior to starting her PhD Hagit was a project manager in Adama and a BI projects leader in Stanly works.