Taking a Close Look in the Mirror: Data Literacy for Data Experts


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Most talks about data literacy concentrate on helping get data into the hands of non-technical users. But what about the data analysts, engineers and scientists who already know the difference between an int and a float, a p-value and an F-score? By expanding the definition of data literacy, we will uncover areas of opportunity to build data literacy skills for data people.


Laura J Ludwig

Laura is a Senior Consultant and Practice Manager with Unify Consulting. In her capacity as a senior consultant, she primarily works as an analyst with clients along the spectrum of transforming data into useful, actionable insights at multiple levels within and outside of organizations. As a Practice Manager, she connects fellow consultants to new knowledge and one another, and supports solution creation conversations as a subject matter expert in data visualization and data literacy. She holds a Master’s Degree in Data Science from Southern Methodist University, and Bachelor’s degrees in Industrial Engineering and Economics from the University of Pittsburgh. She lives in Seattle with her husband and their two dogs, where she can be found playing board games, knitting, or rowing.