Autonomous Vehicles See More With Thermal Imaging: Multi-modal thin cross section Object Detection


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In the era of AI there’s a renewed focus on making autonomous cars a reality. However there are many fallbacks like spurious identification of pedestrian as a piece of paper, ramming into bicycles due to missed identification. But the problem can be solved using thermal Images instead of RGB. This talk revolves around how I leveraged thermal images to enhance the vision of autonomous cars!


Laisha Wadhwa

I am a Data Engineer at, India. I have been working with python for over 3 years now and I am a big time machine Learning aficionado. I build applications at scale while at work and use AI and ML for building applications for Social good when I am not working. Love participating in hackathons. Multiple hackathon winner (Microsoft Ai hacakthon, Sabre Hack, Amex AI hackathon, Icertis Blockchain and AIML hackathon, Mercedes Benz Digital hackathon). Tech speaker(Pyconf 2019), tech blogger(, podcast host, hackathon mentor at MLH hacks, Global Ambassador at Women Tech Network, Volunteer at Pycon India 2020. Hacking my way through life one bit at a time.