Taking Care of Parameters So You Don’t Have to with ParamTools


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ParamTools is a general purpose library for input processing and validation. It was created for the “taxing” task of processing the inputs of Tax-Calculator, a model that uses one of the most complicated specifications of all: the US tax code. This talk will demonstrate how ParamTools provides a friendly API and how it helps wrangle inputs into data that can be used by your model.


Hank Doupe

Hank is an open-source software developer and consultant at Compute Tooling. He created ParamTools, a library for parameter processing and validation, and co-created Compute Studio, a platform for running and sharing models and data visualizations. He is on the leadership council of the Policy Simulation Library (PSL) and a contributor to models in PSL like Tax-Calculator. Prior to joining Compute Tooling, Hank worked at the Open Source Policy Center, where he developed open-source public policy models and tools.