Using Dominance Analysis for accurate and intuitive feature importance

Short talk

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I will demonstrate the usage of Azen and Budescu’s Dominance Analysis (leveraging the Python library developed by us) to accurately determine the relative importance of features in scenarios where there is need to marginally allocate resources to enable an outcome.


Shashank Shekhar

Shashank is Data Sciences leader with diverse experience across verticals including CPG, Retail, Hitech and E-commerce domains. He is currently heading the Aritficial Intelligence Labs at Subex. In the past, he has worked in VMware, Amazon, Flipkart and Target and has been involved in solving various complex business problems using Machine Learning and Deep Learning. He has been part of the program committee of several international conferences like ICDM and MLDM and was selected as a mentor in Global Datathon 2018 organized by Data Sciences Society. He has multiple publications in the field of data sciences, machine learning, deep learning and image recognition in several international journals of repute to his credit. He has spoken at many summits and conferences like Big Data Lake Summit, PlugIn etc. He has also published two open source libraries on Python and is an active contributor to the global Python community.