Computational Social Science with Python, and how Open Source transforms Academia and Research


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A new research paradigm has taken footing in the social sciences and humanities: that of computational social science and digital humanities. An exponential increase in historical and contemporary datasets which are relevant for this sphere of academia has led social and human scientists to move from dusty libraries to large data centers, and Open source and python has been crucial in this move.


Bhargav Srinivasa Desikan

Hello! I am a Research Fellow at the Knowledge Lab at the University of Chicago, where I also received my MA in Computational Social Science. Open source and python have been a large part of my life, and I have contributed to multiple scientific computing libraries, spoken at over 15 PyCons/PyDatas, maintain two python packages, and have written a book on doing Natural Language Processing in Python. I’m a strong believer in accessible and critical science with a clear focus on the social impacts and nature of computing and science. I love my cat, dancing to techno music, hanging out with my awesome friends and family, and cooking Indian food.