Is Coding Science? An interview with Wolfgang Kerzendorf


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Does contributing to Open Source “count” as science?

Join Wolfgang Kerzendorf in conversation with co-Directors of the NumFOCUS Board of Directors, Jane Herriman and James Powell, as they discuss the role of open source software in advancing science, aligning incentives for contributing to open source, scientific reproducibility, and the role of communities in advancing human knowledge. Lessons will be drawn from using, developing, and maintaining open source software; astronomy and materials science; academia and industry .


Wolfgang Kerzendorf

I’m an interdisciplinary researcher trying to bridge the fields of astrophysics and machine learning. I work as a Assistant Professor at the Department of Physics & Astronomy and Computational Mathematics, Statistics, & Engineering (Michigan State University) where I started in 2019. I am the lead-author and PI of the open-source radiative transfer code TARDIS.