PyData Pub Quiz


An annual tradition! The famed PyData Pop Quiz (previously held at PyData Seattle, London, NYC, Amsterdam….) comes to PyData Global. Test your knowledge of Python and the NumFOCUS/PyData stack against the best and brightest worldwide. Same event held 2x.

(Event will be held 2x to accommodate a global audience - no need to come to both, just join the one that best fits your time zone.)

Brought to you by Quizmasters James Powell and Lauren Oldja.

The Pub Quiz will happen in the bar on Gather. Each table is a Gather private space so you can discuss answers with your team. Find a group, find a table, pick a team name (Code of Conduct friendly please!), decide who will write the answers, and prepare for the Inquizition!

“In the face of ambiguity, refuse the temptation to guess.” — PEP20 a.k.a. life advice


James Powell

Lauren Oldja

Social scientist turned Data scientist. Pythonista.