VolEsti : a sampling and volume approximation library


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VolEsti is a C++ library for volume approximation and sampling of convex bodies (e.g. polytopes) with an R and limited python interface. VolEsti is part of the GeomScale project.

Sprint leaders

Vissarion Fisikopoulos

Vissarion has a decade of experience in research and development of algorithms in both academia and industry. His interests lie at the intersection of geometric computing, optimization, statistical computing, mathematical software and algorithm engineering. He holds a PhD in computer science, more than 20 scientific publications in top rank journals and conferences, more than 40 talks in international conferences, seminars with invitation and technological events. Co-author, maintainer and contributor in several open-source projects (https://vissarion.github.io).

Apostolos Chalkis

Apostolos is a PhD student in Computer Science at the Department of Telecommunications and Informatics in National Kapodistrian University of Athens. His scientific and research interests are:

  • Markov chains for sampling from high dimensional multivariate distributions.
  • Volume estimation of convex and non-convex bodies in high dimensions.
  • Crises detection and portfolio performance evaluation in big stock markets.
  • Randomized methods for convex optimization.
  • Optimized implementation of state-of-the-art geometric algorithms.

Elias Tsigaridas

Elias is a permanent research scientist at INRIA Paris. He is an expert in computational nonlinear algebra and geometry with extensive experience in mathematical software. He has published 36 peer reviewed journal papers, 44 peer reviewed conference papers, and he has given many invited lectures.