Modern Time Series Analysis with STUMPY


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Traditional time series analysis techniques have found success in a variety of data mining tasks. However, they often require years of experience to master and the recent development of straightforward, easy-to-use analysis tools has been lacking. STUMPY is a scientific Python library for modern time series analysis that leverages popular open source software and enables you to do better science!


Sean Law

Sean Law is a senior applied scientific researcher and data scientist currently working with a multi-talented Exploration Lab team and serves as an advisor on an enterprise A.I. Council at TD Ameritrade. He has experience producing cutting edge methodologies, building high-performance predictive models, and developing rapid prototypes. Additionally, he is one of the co-organizers of PyData Ann Arbor and is also the creator and core maintainer of STUMPY, a powerful and scalable open source Python library that can be used for a variety of time series data mining tasks.