Rapidly emulating professional visualizations from New York Times in Python using Altair

Short talk

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Transitioning analysis from familiar Python data manipulation tools to unfamiliar JavaScript visualization tools - for visualization that’s interactive, effective & aesthetic - can be a barrier for many data scientists. This talk will inspire you to use Altair to make professional looking statistical charts (like The NYT & The Economist etc) rapidly, for effective visualization in Python.


Shantam Raj

I write Code when the sun’s high, and Poetry when the moon’s nigh.

A curious, driven and experienced Python developer, Data Scientist and Machine Learning enthusiast. I wish to apply data driven insights to solve meaningful challenges - social equality, sustainable growth and climate change. I am always ready for collaborations on designing hardware, products and solutions for a sustainable future and for social good.

Currently, I am open to remote, full time work opportunities. Did I mention I am a published poet and I love to write poetry and stories?